The Designs


Amarynth Handmade Wallpaper

Amarynth arose from a hotchpotch of doodlings in my sketchbook. It is quite Gothic in feel and is a delight for the eye to play on in a dining room or a drawing room when the conversation is getting deep.

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Cardoon Handmade Wallpaper

This was designed for a large North London house with a black carpeted staircase. The pattern has a slow rhythm to reflect the big trees out in Regents Park. It was made the stairwell sinuous and leafy due to the extended design of a half drop repeat.

This contemporary classic wallpaper is also ideal for high walls and hallways, and can look stunning in a modern setting. This design is romantic in the tradition of Rachmaninov, or the love ballads of the Beatles.

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Chevron Handmade Wallpaper

Chevron is a deceptively simple tile design, giving a heraldic feel to its elegant symmetry. Designed originally for a seventeenth century country kitchen, it creates an air of gentle order when wrapped around a busy room, in the manner of Bach or Keith Jarrett.

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Featherbed Handmade Wallpaper

Gulls nest noisily on the roof of my studio. Featherbed came to mind in watching the gulls down drift past the studio window. Their cries underscore my days and my dreams at night, so this lively tribute is silent more in hope than expectation.

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Isis Handmade Wallpaper

As a student I had a flat at water level on the island at Folly Bridge in Oxford. This recalls those days of watching willow leaves floating on water with a young woman who played the flute.

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Rousseau Handmade Wallpaper

The recent Tate exhibition of the Douanier Rousseau gave rise to this playful design. This painter never left France, deriving his images of the savage jungle from visits to the Jardin des Plantes, and the zoo in Paris.

The designer has lived for some time in Brazil, in Tahiti and by the Ganges in India. The leaf forms in this design are fanciful interpretations of tropical foliage, and might encourage you to wear a sun hat in the room - even when it is wet outside. Find some Brazilian music and turn the lights down - but not too low, let the jungle glow around you.

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Shoebaloo Handmade Wallpaper

This design suggested itself as a witty reminder after exhibiting a successful series of paintings of colourful women's footwear. The vintage clothes stalls in the Portobello Road provided the models, which should not only be relegated to a dressing room. Try this wallpaper in a bedroom or in that hall - it might inspire you to go out for a walk, or maybe you might kick off your shoes and dance.

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Tallysticks Handmade Wallpaper

Talleysticks was made in answer to a long enclosed corridor. The vertical stripes counteracted the passage effect, and opened up the space, bringing texture and detail to this decorating problem.

The design has been used successfully in rooms that need a simple stripe, but unregimented, on account of the irregular touch of the printer's hand. The designer may be the son of an army officer, but as an uncle once said, it was as if his father planted an onion - and up came a daffodil. This design would be dead if it were mechanically reproduced.

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life Handmade Wallpaper

This is taken from many life forms in my Dorset garden. It is my biggest block and a devil to handle. There is no wastage as it does not need to be aligned in repetition. It can also be used as a single band of pattern, rather as a solo musician might briefly improvise.

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Tudor Roll

Tudoroll Handmade Wallpaper

This was inspired by an Elizabethan stumpwork box passed down in the designer's family. This pattern is based on drawings of plants found in the designer's garden. The use of some strong colour ways can belie the formality of the design, giving an ironic twist to the restrained romance it suggests.

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Whistlers Wood

Whistlers Wood Handmade Wallpaper

Whistlers Wood lies at the bottom of our garden with an overgrown path showing the way down to the sea. Rather than prune back the overhanging branches, I have made order of them in this rhythmic design.

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Birdvine Handmade Wallpaper

Birdvine is my take on a traditional motif, having observed the birds feasting in my kitchen garden. We in turn can feast our eyes on them.

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Field of Hares

Field of Hares Handmade Wallpaper

Field of Hares was made from drawings of a family of hares observed one morning in a Yorkshire field near Sledmere. There is a cushion to go with it.

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