About The Artist

Hugh Dunford Wood learned his wallpaper technique following the Arts and Crafts tradition pioneered by William Morris, as an apprentice of Peggy Angus in the 1970s.

As an artist, Hugh delights in rhythm and texture, and his family home has always been a feast for the eye, in which his portraits and landscape paintings stand out from the wallpapers behind them.  It is not all a riot of pattern and colour, and many rooms are subtly presented, using subdued tones in calming designs.

When he sold his home in 2004, several prospective buyers enquired where they could buy such wonderful designs. One couple asked to buy the blocks.  Realizing that wallpaper was now making a comeback, Hugh set up his studio in Lyme Regis, and trained others to work with him.

Soon there was a demand to offer an occasional weekend courses, which have attracted aspiring designers from all walks of life.  There is a hunger for a craft training one that uses hand skills and the quiet logic of the eye, in contrast to a soulless perfection that can be found at the click of a mouse.

Hugh is a gentle Luddite who loves the fact that his creations lie within arms reach, and are not dependent upon the advances of technology.  To spend time in his company is to be reanimated in the wonders and delights of a creative world, one that he believes is everyone's birthright. He feels it is never too late to rediscover the artist that lies within each of us, and to relearn how to CELEBRATE LIFE.

Hugh Dunford Wood had a flourishing hand painted silk fashion business in the 80s and 90s, selling worldwide through Harrods, Paul Smith, and Joseph in London, Bergdorf Goodman and Macy's in New York, and Yoshi Yamamoto in Tokyo.

Hugh Dunford Wood's artistic expressions range from engravings to sculpture, portrait painting, textiles and ceramics, and he has exhibited in art galleries worldwide. For further information about Hugh's art see www.dunfordwood.co.uk

Hugh Dunford Wood Hugh Dunford Wood