What is Special About Dunford Wood hand made wallpapers?

The designs of Dunford Wood Wallpapers are contemporary classics. They carry a soft dignity appropriate for a stimulating background to modern living. Standing at the crossroads between tradition and cutting edge, these patterns balance rhythms with colour.

The wallpapers are informed by the constant practise of observational drawing. From intricate floral designs to flowing geometrics, many of the designs are suggestive of music of various genres. Dunford Wood offers a wide range of moods through a palette of colour combinations.

The use of only two colours for each wallpaper creates a look which can transform each design from subtle and delicate, or warm and inviting, to one that's strikingly bold. It is great to juxtapose contemporary wallpaper in a traditional setting.

You will recognise Dunford Wood Wallpapers by the unusual, mottled look of the design. This irregular texture is testament to the integrity of the production - minor imperfections are an inevitable characteristic of handmade block printing, and quite distinctive from the uniform flatness of silk screen or machine printed wallpapers. You are literally handed a pattern for your walls.

It is rare these days to find hand printing in commercial wallpapers. A room gains the presence of this very human touch, offering a unique compliment to your furniture and paintings. So don't be afraid to hang pictures and mirrors on this wallpaper. It is designed to be a backdrop to your living, and you will find your eye's delight unconsciously playing over the surface of these rich wall coverings.

Designs - Cardoon, Colourway Gold on Red, Hugh Dunford Wood Designs - Chevron, Colourway Chequerboard, Hugh Dunford Wood Designs - Featherbed, Hugh Dunford Wood Designs - Rousseau, Fairground Cat Detail, Hugh Dunford Wood Designs - Cardoon, Colorway Black on Coffee, Hugh Dunford Wood